The women of New Mexico are no longer accepting the status quo. They are rising up, breaking out and pushing boundaries. Whatever their focus and talent—business, technology, art, science, politics—these pioneers and their allies are joining forces in an explosion of discovery and ingenuity to drive real, meaningful change.

TEDxABQWomen 2018 will celebrate how these dynamic and diverse people are showing up to face challenges head on, all while empowering each other to shape the future we all want to see. We are showing up for TEDxABQWomen 2018. Are you?


Thursday November 29th


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Meet The Speakers

The Speakers

Marianna Anaya

Marianna Anaya

More Than Qualified: The Value of Lived Experience in Political Office

Marianna Anaya is passionate about authentic representation of diverse communities—especially in politics. Without question, women, particularly women of color and queer communities, bring diverse representation to political bodies. Less discussed are the lived experiences they carry that provide a unique set of skills that qualify them for office— skills that will ensure that more communities are afforded the rights, respect and dignity they deserve.

Inspired by creative minds, the vastness of nature and fearless women, Marianna spends her free time helping Democratic women run for office as the President-Elect of Emerge NM. Organizing and Communications for the Albuquerque Teachers Federation by day, a co-founder of Brava Media NM by night, she returned to Albuquerque from her studies at UT Austin and UCLA with the intention of helping public schools in New Mexico thrive.

Amy Baca Lopez

Amy Baca Lopez

A New Look at the Starving Artist

Amy Baca Lopez began her career in graphic design and marketing. Her career as an artist, however, truly began when she realized that she had to move out from behind the office desk, stop carrying more on her back than she needed, and see the world. She needed to bring something into the world that was lasting – that no one else could offer. To Amy, the term ‘starving artist’ is a myth that has nothing to do with having no money, or not being able to feed or house yourself. What it really means is neglecting the creativity inside of you.

Today, Lopez’s collection has grown to about 600 prints of different paintings that are available for purchase, and she is commissioned to do custom portraits almost weekly. She has created two lines of greeting cards that sell in retail stores across the southwest. Lopez also represented the United States at the Parallax International Art Fair in London, was a Set Artist for MTV’s The Real World, and was awarded a Mayoral Proclamation in 2009 for her for her work to help revitalize the central corridor of Albuquerque. This year, she was the poster artist winner for both the Lavender Festival and La Cosecha National Dual Language Conference.

Xian Bass

Xian Bass

The Seven Deadly Sins of Surviving Sexual Assault

In the height of the #MeToo movement, many women and men are taking to social media to break the silence and share their stories of being sexually assaulted. But the discussion is not an easy one, with both advocates and critics of the #MeToo movement struggling to have their voices heard and being driven apart by backlash, otherism and victim blaming.

As an HIV Prevention Educator, Xian Bass provides sexual health education and resources to teens and young adults. She believes that assessing the impact of intersectionality and sexual violence is imperative to providing communities with comprehensive care. In addition to multiple forms of sexual violence, she has also most recently survived cyberbullying and harassment after coming forward and sharing her story about being sexually assaulted by a celebrity.

How can we support and better understand survivors of sexual violence? What is the root of victim blaming tactics? Bass has an important message to share about the victim blaming and cyberbullying backlash that too often follow survivors of sexual assault that decide to share their story.

Shastyn Blomquist

Shastyn Blomquist

Frame Your Perspective Through Photography

Shastyn Blomquist is a Gallery Director at Turner Carroll Gallery and a former curator at the Center for Contemporary Arts in Santa Fe. Shastyn comes from a diverse background in the creative economy, business, and arts administration. She was a co-founder of ArtBar by Catalyst Club, owned and operated a design and fine art photography studio for nine years, has consulted on various art installations, and was the marketing director for one of the largest commercial real estate companies in New Mexico as well as Trammell Crow Company’s Net Lease Investment Group in San Francisco, CA. Shastyn has also been a contributing artist and sponsor of Women & Creativity Month. Her photography has been in several exhibitions and has won numerous awards.

“The overarching theme through my career has been connection. It always brings me the greatest joy to see relationships flourish and the creative outcomes that can come from effective collaboration. I believe that the arts are a strategic community resource and are essential to creating and sustaining a livable city.”

The practice of photography has helped her focus and frame, literally, her perspective in life. She’s found that life itself is just like taking a photograph. We face situations and make decisions every day that are framed and informed by careful consideration or instinct. Her talk provides people with a tool to help them find perspective that is easily relatable with the concrete visual references photography provides.

Elizabeth Bryce

Elizabeth Bryce

Ignite Your Life Revolution

Burned out after a 20-year corporate career with Fortune 500 companies, Beth Bryce fearlessly embarked upon a personal life revolution to finally pursue her dreams—a career filled with passion and purpose, in the land she loved, living with abundant joy and success. So many of us settle for mediocre jobs and relationships, unhappy and unhealthy for years until the day we realize that we alone are responsible for our happiness. Suddenly we can no longer settle for less. Beth Bryce realized she deserved it all. Today, it’s her mission to help all women realize they do too.

Bryce is an award-winning motivational career coach, writer and founder of Daring Circle Ranch providing transformational coaching for women throughout the country. Beth is also the Director of Career Advancement at Northwood University. She is a published co-author and wrote about her personal life revolution in the book “Women on Fire Volume 2” She believes that any woman can ignite a personal Life Revolution regardless of their internal and external challenges. Now more than ever, we need women to bravely follow their dreams; for themselves, their families and New Mexico.

Curt “C.J.” Chavez

Curt “C.J.” Chavez

Every 'Body' is Beautiful

Through his fitness programming, C.J. Chavez has witnessed the experience and stories of failures, breakthroughs, and successes of over 1.5 million lives. He is a native New Mexican, an Alumni of the Harvard Graduate School of Business, and he loves dogs, especially his own dog, Butter.  

From the rural communities of Mexico to the cities of North America, C.J. explores the process of finding personal pride in women and men, and the importance of communities in this process. He explores three real stories of females—one who lost 100 pounds, another who did it for her family, and a disabled young lady. The presentation is of heartbreak and body shame to personal breakthroughs of crying one day and then standing proudly in a bikini in front of thousands of people—not perfect by any means, but standing accomplished with their head high as a team.

Royale Dá

Royale Dá

Finding Courage to Ask for Help

In January of 2016, Royale Dá signed off the air with a smile. Less than an hour later, she was trapped in the car in her driveway, paralyzed with fear that if she got out someone would kill her. She didn’t know it then, but she was going through postpartum anxiety. When she brought home her newborn baby girl, TV news anchor Royale Dá wasn’t prepared for months of daily panic attacks and overwhelming thoughts that she and her baby were in danger. she realized she needed help

After sharing her story with her husband and talking to a therapist, she discovered that in addition to being a mother to two children and an Emmy-winning TV reporter and anchor with more than 15 years of experience in front of the camera and on the scene, she was also living with postpartum anxiety—often described as postpartum depression’s little cousin. Thanks to not only therapy, but also meditation and sharing her story with other mothers, Dá has learned to calm her anxiety, be present with her children and husband, and has figured out that asking for help is the greatest gift an anxious mom can give herself.

Erica Davis-Crump

Erica Davis-Crump

Self Care Isn't Selfish

Erica Davis-Crump was raised in Albuquerque, NM with her roots in western Kansas. She is a mother to two spectacular individuals 13-year-old Soniah (Son-eye-ah) and 10-year-old Noah. She has an Associate’s degree in Integrated Studies from CNM, and acquired her Bachelor’s of Christian Ministry from Wayland Baptist University.

Through years of domestic violence, dysfunctional relationships, and being a young mother, Davis-Crump has found ways to thrive despite difficult circumstances, and she utilizes these past experiences to work diligently and empathically. Currently, she works to aid others in creating healthy connections and living beyond survival mode. She has specialty certifications in family wellness, mental health awareness, and suicide awareness and prevention. For the past six years, she has had the honor to train and present in every county in New Mexico to over 30,000 students and parents. She is TEDxABQ veteran, and an invested and involved member within the communities of New Mexico.  The main focus of her work, especially among women, is to aid in the awakening of self-worth and self-love. Erica believes that when an individual’s personal foundation is anchored in positivity and wholeness, they can be their best for their families, work settings, and most importantly, themselves.

Alicia Marcell

Alicia Marcell

The Power of Reclaiming Your Voice

Ten years ago, Alicia Marcell’s sister was the victim of an extremely violent attack that nearly killed her; just this last year, her attacker was caught and convicted. Through that experience she learned how difficult and harrowing the judicial system can be on victims and their families. When the time for sentencing came, Marcell and her family found out they had the chance to address the judge in front of her sister’s attacker through a victim impact statement. In writing her own statement and helping her siblings craft theirs, Marcell had to relive the event and grieve everything the attack cost her sister and family.

After the sentencing, Marcell realized how unique it was that their statements impacted the sentencing and, in some ways, how healing the process had been, but she also realized that not everyone has the skill set or mindset to relive the traumatic event and succinctly articulate their experience. Her mission now is to work with victims and their families to tell their story in an authentic and organized manner that is heard with compassion and empathy by the court. There will not ever be a guarantee on sentencing, but people who are victimized often have their voice taken from them as well. Victim impact statements can be a powerful conduit to reclaiming that voice.  The trauma in her own life has helped her build a base of empathy and understanding for extreme pain—a gift that enables her to fight for others experiencing trauma.

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