TED has a simple motto that says it all: Ideas worth spreading. TED’s entire model—and TEDxABQ’s—is centered around the power of ideas that will capture the minds of the audience, disseminate information, change perspectives and cultures, and instill knowledge for those who want to consider the possibilities. When dispersed, ideas can exponentially change our community, or even the world, forever. 

 At TEDxABQ’s 2022 general event, we focused on Connection! Fundamental to human existence, altered by public health challenges, and meanwhile the very fabric of meaning in all of our pursuits.  Now is the time to connect… connect to each other and connect to ideas worth spreading!


Saturday July 30


African American Performing Arts Center
310 San Pedro Dr. NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108


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  • Paid covered parking one block north of theater on 5th and Copper
  • Additional paid parking lot one block east of theatre on 6th and Central
  • Metered parking on street
  • Concession counter will be open with light snacks and drinks available for purchase


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CURATOR – Max Dubroff

Max is a first-time TEDx co-curator. Max retired from the US Air Force after 20 years then built a second career in Human Resources. He currently manages HR shared services for Sandia National Laboratories. He is an author and speaker and his interests include riding his Harley and playing guitar.  

CURATOR – Meghan Pickard

 Meg is a problem solver, operating excellence enthusiast, lover of a good story, and a beagle mom. She has a background in aerospace and is currently the Senior Manager of Operating Systems Excellence at Sandia National Labs. She is passionate about all things TED and is honored at the opportunity to co-curate this next event, Connection!

Abigail Olvera

From her seven years of experience as a US diplomat, Abi has been stationed as a public servant in Senegal, Egypt, and Washington D.C., and has traveled extensively to over 20 countries, including Nepal, Nigeria, and Japan.  She is currently working in policy advising and research on preventing unlikely but very bad problems with global consequences, such as pandemics, accidental escalation, nuclear risk, and critical infrastructure protection. Across the world, these types of problems tend to be neglected precisely because they’re unlikely and impacting everyone equally, so few political actors emerge to focus on these.  Abi loves finding other invisible norms and hidden cultural assumptions which vary widely across countries, such as road safety. She works on road safety issues via her work as a board member of her neighborhood association and BikeABQ. Abi has an associates from El Paso Community College, a bachelor’s in International Studies from the University of Richmond, and a master’s in Global Affairs from Yale.

Bettye Kearse

Bettye Kearse is a retired pediatrician who served Boston’s inner-city youths for more than thirty years. Currently a resident of Santa Fe, New Mexico, she is her family’s eighth-generation oral historian and author of the multiple award-winning memoir The Other Madisons: The Lost History of a President’s Black Family. According to the seven generations of oral historians before her, she is a descendant of an enslaved cook and President James Madison.

In recounting the struggles, perseverance, and contributions of eight generations of Kearse’s family, The Other Madisons illustrates that enslaved Africans possessed a strong belief in themselves by which they not only survived but contributed mightily to America. Then they passed down that same quality to their descendants. It is Kearse’s dream that The Other Madisons will inspire those descendants to believe in themselves so that not only can they fulfill their dreams but also can make contributions throughout the world.

Dr. Kearse has been a guest on multiple podcasts and radio shows, including NPR, and has given virtual and in-person presentations for audiences of the National Museum of African American History and Culture, Harvard University, M.I.T., the National Association of Black Journalists, and the American Bar Association, among others.

Curt Chavez

Curt “C.J.” Chavez brings the experience and stories of failures, breakthroughs, and
successes of over 1.5 million lives he has touched through his company eVOLV
Strong and its wellness programming. He is a native New Mexican, an Alumni of the
Harvard Graduate School of Business, his fitness programming is used by
individuals worldwide, a TEDx speaker, a Leadership Instructor for the Mexican
University BUAPP, and an International Leadership Coach through the Global
Wellness Initiative. C.J.’s work has been recognized by the United States SBA
Entrepreneur of the Year, the Department of Commerce’s Businessperson of the
Year, and numerous other National and International awards. His personal motto is
that he “Never Gives Up.”

Gabe Mounce

Gabe is the Deputy Director of SpaceWERX (www.spacewerx.us), the new commercial
innovation office of the United States Space Force, the country’s newest military service.
SpaceWERX is focused on adopting and adapting technology from the commercial
sector toward US Space Force missions. As Deputy Director, he oversees the Spark
and Ventures elements of the SpaceWERX portfolio to include the Hyperspace
Challenge in Albuquerque and the Catalyst Space Accelerator in Colorado Springs
which are connecting the commercial start-up industry to the US Space Force
enterprise. He also leads the SpaceWERX Orbital Prime initiative aimed at accelerating
the commercial market for reducing, reusing, and recycling debris in space. Gabe is
also the Technology Commercialization Lead for the New Mexico office of the Air Force
Research Lab where he oversees technology transfer, commercialization, community
engagement, outreach, marketing and publicity. Gabe is also a Colonel in the US Air
Force Reserve where he serves on the command staff of the Space Operations
Command-West at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California which is responsible for
integrating and employing space capabilities from across the DoD on behalf of US
Space Command.

Kiki Garcia

Kiki Garcia is a morning radio personality in Albuquerque, waking up New Mexicans for over 15 years. Kiki can also be heard on stations nationwide working for Westwood One Radio.  Her passion lies in using her voice to reach out to the community and help where it is needed.

After a year of tragic loss and amazing discoveries about her own inner strength, Kiki wants to dedicate the rest of her life to helping people and spreading the message that, in the face of tragedy, you are not alone.

Through numerous speaking engagements, Kiki is using her voice to tell the story of losing both her parents in the same year.  While her father was in his hospital room, they talked about writing a book and sharing the wisdom they gleaned in hopes of helping others who are going through the same.

Michael Davis

Michael C. Davis leads Merek.io as its CEO and Founder. His research and technical focus have produced a cybersecurity firm that deeply considers human behavior as a relative factor related to cyber-mindfulness and digital self-awareness. He is a member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), the New Mexico Technology Council, and a board member of Santa Fe Community Foundation’s Envision Fund. He serves as a board member for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Mountain region, and the Santa Fe Community College’s Foundation board as its VP of Communications. His 22-year career within the United States Navy, married with his leadership with Boeing, IBM, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory, has been widely recognized for his cross-sector competence and expertise. Michael earned his bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Language and holds a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership. Before forming his cybersecurity firm, he pursued a doctoral degree in Information Technology focusing on Technical Innovation Management. His book, Cyber Happiness: A Technology Journey in Mindfulness, is expected to be published next year. Michael currently publishes much of his work as a cybersecurity and technology Editorial Contributor for Newsweek and serves as a Thought leader on Forbes Technology Council.

Nancy Elaine Bos

Nancy Bos is a vocologist, author of multiple best-selling books, professional singer, speaker, and thought leader. She taught singing and voice for over twenty years and is the founder of StudioBos Media, a company that helps people “Tap into the magic of voice.” Nancy’s mission is to inspire people to find the freedom to express, through voice, that part of who they are that connects us all. Love, Hope, Voice – together these three builds all of the connections we need. Nancy’s work is guided by the philosophy that singing makes people happier, healthier, more peaceful, and thoughtful, brings people together, soothes aching hearts, and allows us to spiritually transcend.

As a speaker, Nancy has given presentations to a wide variety of groups. As a teacher, she taught on the faculty of Cornish College, Seattle Pacific University, Bellevue College, and independently. She is a member of the Recording Academy, the Pan American Vocology Association, is a former vice president of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, is a Distinguished Voice Professional through NYSTA, and the former DoO for the Voice and Speech Trainers Association (VASTA). Nancy’s undergraduate degree is from Luther College, Decorah, Iowa.

Phelosha M Collaros

As if shaped by a genetic instinct against partisanism, Phelosha Collaros first registered as an independent voter and later memorized Shakespeare’s “A pox on both your houses” as a graduate of and now Vice President for St. John’s College. Remarkable since her mother, Nubia, never talked about their Colombian family’s experience during La Violencia until recently, troubled by extreme polarization in America.

Phelosha became obsessed with understanding the paths toward political violence vs. depolarization—researching, traveling to interview survivors, and joining the President’s Circle of Braver Angels. Albuquerque born and raised, she’s committed to red and blue living together peacefully.

Rick Allred

Rick Allred is an educator and fine artist based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Rick celebrates the generosity of the human spirit and empowers people to pursue their passions. As an instructor, he teaches photography workshops at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and at the Maine Media Workshops. As an artist, Rick creates 3-D installations to inspire curiosity and conversation.
In 2017, Rick founded “In the Folds of Peace” – a mission to encourage conversations for connection, empowerment, and peace while also generating 1 million paper cranes to escort to the Peace Memorial Park in Hiroshima, Japan. More than 45,000 paper cranes have been escorted so far (www.inthefoldsofpeace.com).

Rick has a bachelor’s degree in photojournalism from New Mexico State University and a Masters of Fine Art from the Maine Media College. Rick’s life practice is being a source of creativity, joy, and generosity.

Scott Miller

Scott C. Miller is the founder of Circles USA and a private consultant working with select communities in designing and implementing new poverty alleviation systems that are accountable for reducing poverty rates. Scott is the author of several books, and his work has been featured on numerous national media including CBS Evening News, CNN, NPR, PBS, Huffington Post, Philanthropy Roundtable Chronicles, and Stanford Social Innovation Review. He has been named by AARP as a Well-Being Champion. He has over thirty-five years of experience in designing and implementing innovative programs that support people out of poverty and into prosperity.

Teresa M. Robinson

Teresa Robinson is a strong example that a mother of three can make something happen in the business world.

She started her LLC, Graphicbliss, in 2000. It handles three businesses:

The Bliss Effect works with businesses and individuals to develop their brand, allowing their message to come across. This brand and entertainment management company provide its clients with graphic and web design, social media, marketing, and advertising. PRIDE and Equality Magazine has become a staple in New Mexico, presented every year during Pride Month in June. New Mexico Entertainment Magazine is a statewide event and entertainment publication. It focuses on film, theater, music, food, monthly events, and entertainment in New Mexico. The magazines created annual events, including New Mexico Entertainment Movie Nights, The Ghouls on Parade Halloween Festival and Parade, Big Gay Movie Night, The Trés Chic Hair Competition, and The Rocky Horror Anniversary Show at The Guild Cinema.

Tenacity continues to drive her. She is moving into television, theater, podcasts, and awards shows. She will continue to be a driving force for quality events and entertainment in New Mexico.

Thien-Nam Dinh

Thien-Nam Dinh is a cybersecurity researcher by day and a social entrepreneur by slightly later in the day. He is the founder and sitting president of Token Ibis, an all-volunteer nonprofit based in Albuquerque, New Mexico with one mission: to pilot the world’s first-ever Universal Basic Philanthropy project. He recently served on the Young Leaders Society council of the United Way of Central New Mexico and currently sits on the board of the Association Fundraising of Professionals New Mexico chapter. In his day job, his research in blockchain and semantic web technologies informs much of his thinking about the intersection between money, technology, and society. Through his extracurricular activities, he is always seeking to understand the human experiences behind these systems. Thien-Nam is proud to be a born and raised New Mexican.

Wyatt Powers

Wyatt Powers is an 18-year-old student who was homeschooled during his K-12 years. Traveling with his family in an RV for the last 12 years, he has visited 44 of the United States as well as five countries in North and South America. In the book, RV Travel on a Budget: A Mother and Son’s Guide to Roadschooling the USA, he chronicles his journey and shares the valuable lessons he learned about life, leadership, and community while on the road. He is currently attending college studying Computer Science.

In his talk, Wyatt proposes that children can receive a world-class education by having the state and national parks as their classroom, and New Mexico offers some of the most spectacular. He spent 12 years – from age 6 to 18 – living in, volunteering at, and exploring parks and historic sites across the US and in five countries in North and South America. New Mexico offers some of the most interesting and unique learning opportunities through its many landmarks.

Zahara Jade

Zahara Jade, M.A. founded The Truth Catalyst to support people’s journeys in transforming
chronic pain and healing from trauma. She has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology in
addition to over a decade of professional training in various healing disciplines in Asia and North

Over the years, Zahara has led countless workshops and helped thousands of people worldwide
learn to unearth, decode, and resolve the messages they received from their bodies.

Her unique somatic, spiritual, and psychological approach has helped clients overcome lifetimes
of anxiety and depression, eradicate addiction and suicidal ideation, end cycles of chronic pain,
heal dysfunctional relationship patterns and more.

Zahara’s work with The Truth Catalyst has been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., SELF, and Thrive


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