Sandra Akkad

Jason Griffin

Sandra Akkad Headshot

Sandra Akkad is a Muslim Palestinian American woman and a Native New Mexican educator and entrepreneur.

Education has always been her passion and she has always been a fervent believer that education leads to empowerment.  She brought this belief to fruition through the creation of a conducive learning environment for all students in “Tutor-Me”. She is the founder and director of this learning and enrichment center where she teaches, motivates, and reinforces students in all subjects from K-12. Additionally, she has had the privilege of being an adjunct instructor at UNM where she teaches “Children in Genocide”, a Peace Studies department course. Her time as an educator has brought her to the fore of issues pertaining to cultural identity, relevancy, and diversity. This has inspired her to become an earnest advocate of social justice and acceptance.

She co-founded “The Red Hearted” initiative which was designed to provide youth of all backgrounds a platform that encourages and engages them in frank discussion aimed at building connections, dismantling stereotypes, and promoting tolerance.