Education in New Mexico is tough.  We work hard.  We face challenges every single day.  We are tired.

These are the words that we can transform.

Education in New Mexico is the golden standard.  We work smart.  We overcome challenges every single day.  We can’t be stopped.  

We are the teachers, the professors, the administrators and the policy makers that hold the key.  We are unlocking the potential of education in New Mexico because we can’t stand to be last any longer.

Together, on  April 1st, we will bring all of these individuals together in one place so that we can enjoy an evening dedicated to making RADICAL IMPACTS IN EDUCATION.

These ideas will transform your classroom, students, campus, school, staff, lessons, perspective and energy.

Our speakers have gotten their hands dirty by doing the research, implementing the practices and developing the best way to communicate their ideas to you.

We invite you to join us and embrace the possibilities, because as of right now, WE ARE DONE FOOLING AROUND.  


TEDxABQED | We're Done Fooling Around
Enlightening event for anyone interested in creative solutions for Education.


Saturday April 1st
From 6pm to 9pm (Doors Open 5pm)


Kimo Theatre
423 Central Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87102


Free parking on street, Paid Covered Parking one block north of theatre on 5th and Copper. Additional Paid Parking Lot one block east of theatre on 6th and Central.
Concession counter with light snacks and drinks available will be open at the theatre before the start of the event and during intermission.


Adah Zhang

Adah Zhang:  A data-driven, statistics junkie who recognizes that the human brain isn’t all just analytics and computation. Even though her life revolves around doing just that at Sandia Labs, she realizes she wouldn’t have gotten there and stayed if it hadn’t been for a couple of crucial people’s skills she acquired along the way. Adah presents the case for a major subject area that seems to have been left outside the classroom door.  

LinkedIn: /adahzhang

Daniel DeLeon:  Daniel wants to keep kids in the Duke City.  He offers proof and plans to engage our children, make our communities stronger and support economic productivity through the spirit of entrepreneurship in education.  He identifies and attacks the problem that New Mexico tends to lose its best innovators to bigger cities.  He applies these motives proactively as the Director of S.P.A.C.E., Sandia Prep’s Autonomous Creative Environment, and is working to inspire fresh entrepreneurs with the current reinvention revolution that’s underway right here in Albuquerque.  Join his movement not only for your students, but for your standard of living too!

Facebook: deleondaniel66
Twitter: @dadeleon

Marcia Lee Unnever:  As the founder of Kids Focus, Marcia is ready to share her simple tactic to increase self-esteem and learning in your classrooms.  But be prepared, she didn’t put all of this together for you to just nod along and not get busy implementing.  Her talk is meant for only those who are ready to get down and boogie, literally.  She has shared her plans in many classrooms across ABQ and is ready to move your schools in the same direction.

Facebook: Marcia Lee and Kids Focus
LinkedIn: marcia-lee-kids-focus-educ-trainer-adhd-consultant-bb971612

Rick Sherwood: Changing people’s entire lives for the better isn’t what Rick expected to happen when he started implementing some unique concepts into his management style at Sandia Labs.   Well it turns out that’s just what happened, along with an increase in productivity and a bit of his own personal happiness when going into work everyday.  He’s got the solutions to bringing joy back into the job and school.  Who even knew that was possible?  

Twitter: @Skittles_Rick
LinkedIn: /rick-sherwood-b6433110

Melinda Forward:  Passionate about helping schools create a connected, healthy, and inspired school community, Melinda knows the challenges educators are facing in schools. Why? She lives it every day. Melinda is an activist for happiness in schools with a new vision for you. Do you believe in the magic of kindness? We hope so! Melinda is ready to share her radical solution to the negativity that is chasing so many students and teachers out of schools. Get ready to Pass Your Gratitude ON!

Twitter: @melinda_forward
Facebook: 1000 Thank Yous Challenge

Zachary Leonard: Zach makes educators like the words, “professional learning.”  Think that’s impossible? He’s got evidence that it’s not.  When we work to engage our teachers just as much as we do to engage our students, Zach and his colleagues at Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Math and Science Academy have found that it makes all of the difference.  Zach has found passion in reshaping the framework of teacher progress, just so that we can achieve what we’ve been intending to all along, education.

LinkedIn: /zacharyleonard2017
Facebook: @lanlcommunity

Russ Fisher-Ives:  World traveller, scientist, linguistic savior, robot builder and now, TEDx talker.  Russ is about to bring the stage to life with one of his pals from RoboRAVE .  His “pal” has done more with native New Mexican languages than what we humans have been able to achieve in 200 years.  He presents the concept of STEM in a way that doesn’t make students roll their eyes when they hear the acronym.  Bring on the ROBOTS!

Facebook: @roborave
Twitter: @RoboRAVEIntl

Rachel Thomas & Steven Lamb: Steven and Rachel work as team teachers at two very different schools in Albuquerque.  They told us a story on the TEDx stage last year about the valuable impact of connecting with classrooms outside of your own school, just as they have.  They even showed us how to do it! They are back again with a whole new talk about grappling with technology in the classroom and connecting not only your students more effectively with it, but the instructor too.  Let them transform your technology frustrations and encourage you to enjoy the art of this process a little bit more.

Twitter: @collabgenius
LinkedIn: /rachel-thomas-95bb8510
LinkedIn: /steven-lamb-aa098a11

Chad McDaniel:  Chad didn’t allow the fact that he struggled in school to hold him back in the real world. He quickly found that one didn’t equate to the other, which seems to be at odds with the entire purpose of school. He decided to take his education into his own hands and achieve his goals, despite the reports telling him he was “below proficiency.” Now, less than two years after high school and a successful business owner of Modern Approach, he is ready to share why education failed him and how we can easily adjust the type of support students receive so that anyone can succeed.

Instagram: chad2757
Facebook: chad.mcdaniel.359
Snapchat: chad2757

Sean Ritchel:  Sean identifies one of the major reasons our students are falling behind and forgetting everything they learn year after year.  And better yet, he offers a proven solution.  As a professional speaker, motivator and voice for students, he is ready to lay on the real talk and encourage us to reevaluate the framework for which all of our learning takes place.  His idea is definitely radical.  You might not love the sound of it initially, but you can’t refute the evidence.  Isn’t that what we’re all here to do?  Let’s get radical.

Facebook: @seanritchel
Instagram: @seanritchel
Twitter: @seanritchel

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