JoAnne Tucker & Áine Pierandi McCarthy

Jason Griffin

JoAnne Tucker and Aine Pierandi McCarthy Headshots

JoAnne Tucker (PhD,) founded and was artistic director of the Avodah Dance Ensemble from 1973 to 2004, a modern dance company that was based in New York City. Jennifer Dunning in the New York Times … Read More

Laurie Magovern

Jason Griffin

Laurie Magovern Headshot

Laurie Magovern is a native to New Mexico and have been the Curator of Education at the Anderson Abruzzo Albuquerque International Balloon Museum since 2009. At the Balloon Museum, she helps ensure a visitor’s great … Read More

Ramona King

Jason Griffin

Ramona King Headshot

Ramona King is a professional storyteller and actor.  She helps educators and parents build the esteem of children through the power of story. She’s performed throughout the US for over 25 years in venues including … Read More

Michelle Justice

Jason Griffin

Michelle Justice Headshot

Michelle Justice is the President of Personnel Security Consultants (PSC) and the Managing Member of Kees Adjudication Services.  Michele, an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation and of Hispanic descent, has over 25 years of … Read More

Meggan Gomez

Jason Griffin

Meggan Gomez Headshot

Meggan Gomez, Theater Education Director at Working Classroom, studied acting in the BFA program at Montclair State University School of the Arts. She completed institute residencies with Cornerstone Theatre Company, and The Hemispheric Institute of … Read More

Christina Foster

Jason Griffin

Christina Foster Headshot

Christina Foster is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She received her B.A. in History with a focus in Psychology and African Studies. In May of 2016, she obtained her M.A. in Intercultural Service, Leadership, … Read More

Jane Loubier Epstein

Jason Griffin

Jane Loubier Epstein Headshot

Jane Loubier Epstein has been a nurse practitioner with a specialty in adolescent medicine since 1989.  She received her nurse practitioner degree from Yale University. In addition to primary care, she provides contraceptive and sexual … Read More

Davina Detrik

Jason Griffin

Davina Detrik Headshot

Davina Detrik, former dentist and founder of The Disruptive Collective is hell-bent on curating a modern industrial revolution: “The invisible lows and visible highs of my first story were never atypical of high-achievers. And that … Read More

Sue Coates

Jason Griffin

Sue Coates Headshot

Sue Coates worked in contract management for 35 years on a variety of projects in both public and private sectors, and owned a small business for fifteen years providing procurement-related consulting and training services and … Read More

Sandra Akkad

Jason Griffin

Sandra Akkad Headshot

Sandra Akkad is a Muslim Palestinian American woman and a Native New Mexican educator and entrepreneur. Education has always been her passion and she has always been a fervent believer that education leads to empowerment.  … Read More