Past Events

TEDxABQEducation | Metamorphasis of Education | Transformation of NM Youth
July 28, 2018

Young people today are grabbing the world’s attention by sharing their opinions and demanding action for change. Today’s youth are leaders in their own right, challenging the status quo and orchestrating their own futures.

Likewise, in today’s world, education no longer observes the linear passing of information. Education is an intricate web of experiences, people, and platforms delivering knowledge in ways we never imagined possible.

On July 28, we brought together these two communities shaping our society: young voices and voices in education. Together, they are initiating a Metamorphosis of Education and a Transformation of NM Youth. From their work, a new model for learning will EMERGE.

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TEDxABQSalon| Design
April 30, 2018

Design underpins every part of our society. We leverage design to shape our environment, solve problems, meet needs, and add meaning. Our cities, social systems, decor, clothes, experiences, communication, lives—you can see the application of design everywhere. Behind every design is a defined goal with a unique idea destined to shape our world.

On April 30, TEDxABQ explored the topic of Design with 6 New Mexicans shaping the world around us. Though their fields and mediums differ, each influences how we navigate our environment. Join us to explore these fascinating ideas from the designers who are bringing them to life.

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TEDxABQSalon | En Español

June 19, 2018

La cultura y la lengua son determinantes significativos de la identidad latina. El español es un idioma fascinante, vivo y rico que sirve como un modo de comunicación que se usa para expresar identidad, emociones, imaginación, juego y supervivencia. En los Estados Unidos, el idioma y la identidad cultural han servido como vehículo para preservar la historia, la cultura y la lengua de muchos latinos que se identifican como chicanos, mexicanos, mexicoamericano, mejicas, mestizos, nuevos mexicanos y mucho más.

El martes, 19 de junio, acompáñenos y sea testigo del primer TEDxABQ Salon En español a nivel estatal y nacional donde 5 oradores dinámicos captarán la esencia de la cultura latina, su poética lengua española y el significado vibrante de la vida en el suroeste.

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TEDxABQ| 2017 Main Event
September 9, 2017

TEDxABQ 2017 is about confronting one question above all others: What is the future that we want to create? For ourselves, our children, and our communities, it is imperative that we take an active role in shaping the world into what we want it to be, not the world it might become.

Where do our actions begin? With the ideas we encounter–and, eventually, with the ideas we embrace and make our own.  

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TEDxABQWomen | Bridges

November 2, 2017

TEDxABQWomen 2017 explores the many aspects of this year’s theme—Bridges—through talks from local leaders, performances and audience engagement. During this time of deep divides and rising global challenges, TEDxABQWomen 2017 brings together ideas from entrepreneurs, innovators, artists, and activists—bridge builders in our community who are shaping the future of New Mexico.

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TEDxABQSalon | TEDxABQEducation

April 1st, 2017

Education in New Mexico is tough.  We work hard.  We face challenges every single day.  We are tired.

These are the words that we can transform.

Education in New Mexico is the golden standard.  We work smart.  We overcome challenges every single day.  We can’t be stopped.  

We are the teachers, the professors, the administrators and the policy makers that hold the key.  We are unlocking the potential of education in New Mexico because we can’t stand to be last any longer.

Together, on  April 1st, we will bring all of these individuals together in one place so that we can enjoy an evening dedicated to making RADICAL IMPACTS IN EDUCATION.

These ideas will transform your classroom, students, campus, school, staff, lessons, perspective and energy.

Our speakers have gotten their hands dirty by doing the research, implementing the practices and developing the best way to communicate their ideas to you.

We invite you to join us and embrace the possibilities, because as of right now, WE ARE DONE FOOLING AROUND.  

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TEDxABQSalon | The Future of Medicine

February 16, 2017

The Future of Medicine will be an evening dedicated to exploring the question:

What if New Mexico was the best place to practice medicine?  We will take a look at how this would look and feel as our speakers take a deep dive into topics such as disease prevention, error in medicine, and technology in healthcare.

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TEDxABQ | Think Viral

September 17, 2016

TED has a simple motto that says it all: Ideas worth spreading. Their entire model—and ours—is centered around the power of ideas to capture the minds of the audience, spread from person to person, and change the perspective, if not also the behavior, of those who have been exposed. Ideas spread through human contact, can explode exponentially to change our world forever, or can lay in wait for years—even decades—until the conditions are right. 

At TEDxABQ 2016, we will focus on the potential in every idea to spread and affect epidemics of change.

Ideas are contagious. Get infected.

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TEDxABQWomen | It’s About Time

October 28, 2016

TEDxWomen is about the power of women and girls to be creators and change-makers. And…

It’s about time.

Time is personal. We all have the same amount of time — 24 hours a day and yet most of us feel we never have enough. Even with today’s latest inventions, technology, science, we can’t make time or stop time — or can we?

Join us as we examine the question of time.

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TEDxABQED | Equity in Education

March 25, 2016

Access, fairness, responsiveness, justice, equity. How would our education system be different if we ensured these values were embedded in all curriculum, instruction and learning environments? If each of us committed to equity in education, how would we influence holistic student success?

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TEDxABQSalon | Modern Love

February 13, 2016

A conversation about love and life in the modern age. This salon featured three TEDTalks on topics such as desire, infidelity, and a series of questions that seems to make people fall in love.

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TEDxYouth@ABQ | Zoom In. Zoom Out.

November 14, 2015

TEDxYouth@ABQ showcases New Mexico’s future generations and their inspiring ideas! Zoom In. Zoom Out. TEDxYouth@ABQ is centered around topics of interest to young people and all that are young at heart.

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TEDxABQ | On Your Mark
September 12, 2015

TEDxABQ’s flagship event brings together speakers from all over New Mexico with great ideas in science, technology, design, the arts, healthcare, and social justice.

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TEDxABQWomen | Momentum

May 28, 2015

TEDxABQWomen 2015 explored bold ideas that create momentum in how we think, live and work today. Together discovered new perspectives on where–and why–change is happening by exploring innovations, ideas and individuals building momentum in New Mexico.

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TEDxABQED | 2020 Expectations

March 27, 2015

What is your vision of education and life-long learning in the next five years? Help us chart the future of education, training, and learning in New Mexico for the upcoming decades and beyond. This is a unique opportunity to engage with some of the most innovative ideas in education in our state and contribute to the conversation!

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