Minimizing Our Footprint to Maximize Our Impact

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How We Are Incorporating Sustainable Practices at TEDxABQ 2016

As part of our commitment to sustainability, our planning team is working hard to minimize the ecological impact of TEDxABQ 2016. Here are just a few ways the event on September 17th will contribute to a healthier planet:

Zero Waste Event: Last year, TEDxABQ partnered with Knowaste, a local waste management company, to demonstrate how zero waste practices could be applied at a large event. Together we diverted 93% of the waste created by our 2,000 attendees out of the landfill. With their manned waste separation stations, Knowaste employees interact with each person looking to discard something to determine the right home for that item in the recycling, compost, or landfill bin. These interactions provide participants with fun sorting and learning experiences while also improving the quality of the resulting recycling and compost. We are excited to partner with Knowaste and local food vendors again to keep the diversion rate at TEDxABQ 2016 high, keep the waste sent to the landfill low, and return valuable nutrients to our local desert ecosystem.knowaste 2

Bring your own water bottle: As in past years, there will be water stations available outside and inside the venue throughout the event. And this year there will be no hiccups bringing your water bottle into the auditorium with you. Bring your own water bottle to stay hydrated all day!
Reusing Past Event Lanyards: After years of buying lanyards for attendee nametags, we have a stockpile of past event lanyards that we’re excited to roll out this year. We may be reusing lanyards from other events in the community as well so keep an eye out for that!
Solar Power on the Plaza: We’re excited to be working with Sacred Power again this year to bring renewable energy to TEDxABQ! This year, we hope to power everything on Civic Plaza with solar power. Thank you to Sacred Power for working with us on this project!sacred power