We’ve Missed You!!!

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TEDxABQ Friends, We’ve missed you!!! 2018 was a challenging year and we’ve spent the beginning part of 2019 reorganizing, getting focused on the foundations of what makes TEDxABQ great, and laying down the necessary groundwork … Read More

Labor Day Weekend at TEDxABQ

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The days are getting shorter, the nights cooler, and the smell of roasting green chile permeates the air. Fall is coming. How will you celebrate the changing of seasons? A Labor Day weekend barbecue, a … Read More

The Humanitarians of TEDxABQ

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TEDxABQ is more than just a day for people to stand on a red carpet dot and talk about the topics that motivate them. It’s an opportunity to ignite friendly discussion about new ideas and … Read More

Who Runs TEDxABQ? Volunteers do.

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Who runs TEDxABQ? Volunteers do. Marina Daldalian, a member of the TEDxABQ 2017 Leadership Team, ensures smooth operations by coordinating this massive group of dedicated volunteers. “The quality of speakers and the platform we provide … Read More

Looking Back and Thinking Forward

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Although this marks my first year as a volunteer for TEDxABQ, I have been close to the TEDxABQ community for several years. I first learned about TEDxABQ in 2014 from my mother, Celeste Murray. She … Read More