The Humanitarians of TEDxABQ

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TEDxABQ is more than just a day for people to stand on a red carpet dot and talk about the topics that motivate them. It’s an opportunity to ignite friendly discussion about new ideas and solutions for a better future, for activists, workers, thinkers, and those who may not otherwise have a voice to speak up and be heard without feeling left out. In this spirit, though our event is on September 9, we’re honoring World Humanitarian Day on August 19.

Humanitarians have long been welcomed on our stages. In 2014, we invited environmental engineer Raquel Redshirt to speak about her projects addressing the lack of sustainable electrical utilities on the Navajo Nation.


How solar oven technology is changing lives on the Navajo reservation | Raquel Redshirt


Then, in 2015, you met Daniella Carter, whose struggles with homelessness as a young trans woman of color inspired her to advocate for other homeless LGBT youth.


Walking in your truth as an LGBT youth | Daniella Carter


Last year Jessica Goodkind, Ph.D., a sociologist and professor, shared with us word of her Refugee Well-Being Project, which brings university students and newly-resettled refugees together.


Let’s change how we think about refugees (and how they think about us) | Jessica Goodkind


This year, we welcome George McGraw, the water rights activist behind the DigDeep organization and the Navajo Water Project to bring running water utilities to over 200 Navajo homes in northern New Mexico and advocate for water rights in a nation where water insecurity is usually put on the back burner.

World Humanitarian Day is a day to thank the aid workers who share their ideas and risk themselves for a better future and to honor the people who need our aid. As part of our core values of diversity, innovation and sustainability, we invite you to celebrate our future as a community that cares about every one of our members.


Blog Written by: Liam Murray