Two College Students on Why All Students Should Attend TEDxABQ

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Being a student is challenging. You’re juggling classes, homework, your job, your bank balance, your social life, sleep, and your mental health. Or, you’re a teacher, in which case classes and homework also happen to be your job. But just because you’re in school doesn’t mean you have to give up your wish for seeing a TEDx Talk in person… if anything, that’s the perfect reason to go!

Did you know TEDxABQ offers tickets half-off for anyone who has an ID from any primary school, secondary school or college? Or that our head of communications, Lioba Weir, is graduating from UNM this December? Or that I myself am currently a Lobo?

I was introduced to TEDxABQ through family and family friends. My mother, Celeste Murray, teaches English at Farmington High School in the Four Corners, and many of our family friends are also teachers. Many teachers incorporate TED talks into their lessons to inspire students for success, and I inherited this love for ideas worth spreading. In high school, I discovered that citing TED talks in my essays breathed life into my arguments and helped make my ideas relatable for the reader. And now that I attend UNM here in Albuquerque, TEDxABQ offers me another opportunity as a student to inspire positive change in the city that I call home.

I spoke with local students and teachers about their feelings towards TED talks and TEDxABQ:

“TED speakers are passionate, smart and real. My students can connect to these people and their stories. Last year we even started our own TED talks at our high school. In a small high school work room, we had a dozen students and teachers share their own beliefs, ideas, and stories. I’m not sure I’ve ever been more proud as a teacher!”

-Jessica Carlisle, gifted teacher, Farmington High School, Farmington, NM

“We live in a state where negativity hangs over our head at every turn. We are told of the crime rate, poverty levels, and drug addictions. TEDxABQ gives me an opportunity to learn about the positive impact New Mexico can make on society and what actions we can take to help the ideas spoken on the TEDxABQ stage come to life in New Mexico.”

-Lioba Weir, Communications Team Lead, TEDxABQ

Tickets are $25 for students with a valid ID from any elementary school, middle school, high school or college. We would love for you to join us September 9th and be a part of ideas worth spreading with New Mexico’s students!

Blog Written by: Liam Murray