2019 is our year to be bold, beautiful, and brilliant -- without apology. At TEDxABQ Women in 2019, we're shining a spotlight on dazzling ideas from some of the most extraordinary risk-takers and innovators from in and around Albuquerque.

We want to celebrate with all of you; as you are making power moves, showing your resilience, being brilliant and just getting started, and always with those who tirelessly show up as allies and advocates for our community.

TEDxABQ Women 2019 will be no less than a joyful, thought-provoking celebration of smarts, savvy and diverse dynamism. Our conference coincides with TEDWomen events across the globe.

TEDWomen conferences bring together a global community of people interested in exploring how change begins: with innovative thinkers who catalyze ideas toward action. Over the past few years, TEDWomen and TEDxWomen have launched some powerful ideas into the world.

Join us December 6 as we move boldly into our brilliance!


Friday December 6


South Broadway Cultural Center
1025 Broadway Blvd. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102





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  • Additional paid parking lot one block east of theatre on 6th and Central
  • Metered parking on street
  • Concession counter will be open with light snacks and drinks available for purchase

Meet The Speakers


Dannielle Montoya – Curator

Dannielle is a Woman of many hats, a Mom of three wonderful children, a Wife, a Teacher, a Cosmetologist, and this year’s 2019 TEDxABQWomen’s curator. Dani has volunteered for 4 years and is proud to hold a much stronger role this year. She has embraced this beautiful adventure with TEDxABQ, for herself as a woman, her twin daughters and for all women in and around her to be able to continue to share their brilliant ideas worth spreading!

Erica Davis Crump – Host

Erica Davis-Crump is a mother of two teens, and a lifelong resident of Albuquerque. Since 2013, she has worked in wellness and prevention, specializing in reproductive justice, mental health, and suicide prevention. She’s been featured in Forbes, is an alumni (2) TEDx speaker, and Emerge Alumni.

Devi Rose

Devi Rose is Intuitive Embodiment Expert & Teacher of Divine Alchemy. For the last decade, she has immersed her Being in Self Discovery, studying a multitude of alternative healing modalities in order to assist women to reclaim all of their multi-dimensional Magic so they can live an empowered, integrated life of unapologetic authenticity and embody Love as their Superpower.

Dr. Kate Dow

How can we get to where we want to be as women leaders and as a global society? Dr. Kate shares her perspectives on the missing pieces in our quest for gender equality, freedom, and peace. She weaves the story of struggle, freedom, and power in her illustration of how women can strongly influence the world through personal transformation.

Dr Kate Dow has been a personal researcher of human suffering and the journey of empowerment since she was young. Her studies of humanistic psychology, mind-body science, well-being and somatic-based spirituality inform her work. New Mexico has been her “blessed” home for 25 years, where she has evolved as a mother, psychologist, speaker and women’s leadership consultant.

Monique Gomez

Coach and educator of sexuality, spirituality, and self-love, Monique is passionate about helping people connect to their true voice to live an exceptionally satisfying life. Monique believes in the power of intuition and intimate connection with self in order to have deeply pleasurable relationships with others.  

Marissa Hebert

Marissa is a licensed architect specializing in healthcare design.  She is the mother of two young boys and wife to another industry professional.  Marissa feels passionate about the need to normalize the conversation around mental health struggles, having had her own personal experiences with this issue, particularly depression and anxiety.  She believes strongly that nothing is more important than a society that can have open, honest conversations on a range of difficult topics, supporting both men and women in all types of challenges and allowing all to find their space in the working world.

Trish Hoffman

How do you take your power back?

After surviving a domestic violence stalking situation, 3 restraining orders, and finally fleeing her home in the middle of the night, Trish Hoffman decided to reclaim her power. She attended the academy and became an Albuquerque Police Officer. Now retired from law enforcement, she uses her experiences and training to empower other women to regain their self-confidence, protect themselves, and live to their full potential – regardless of their past.

Trish Hoffman retired after 23 years in Law Enforcement, she has been training women in self-defense and personal safety for over 19 years. Trish Hoffman has spoken to over 13,000 women,  her goal is to “empower women everywhere.”

Trupthi Panickor

Art has the profound power to break through barriers, masks and pre-conceived notions about the world around us. Dancers and artists, in general, are perceived mostly just as entertainers wherein they hold the key to awaken and educate the society making it the most powerful way to bring about change. 
Trupthi Panickor is a socially conscious dancer-architect passionate about dancing to make a difference in the world. 
She is a trained dancer in the classical dance forms of south India. She strives to use her vocabulary of Indian classical dance forms to bring social awareness and consciousness hoping for a better tomorrow. Trupthi has created pieces on socially relevant themes such as rape, murder, drug abuse, etc. She has performed her pieces across the globe in several countries including India, Singapore, France, and the US. 

Lauren Rice

The common American is expected to follow a set schedule for education. Public elementary school, middle school, high school, a high SAT score and finally, college. But what happens to those who don’t finish high school the same way everyone else did? Or even at the same time as their other peers?
When domestic violence derailed Lauren Rice’s ‘traditional’ education path at the age of 15, she was confused, lost and feeling defeated. Lauren challenged the concept of the ‘dropout’ and embraced a non-traditional education path.
Lauren was born in Orange County California and moved to Rio Rancho New Mexico at age 6. She was homeschooled until high school where her journey of alternate education paths started.  Lauren is now CNM’s (Central New Mexico Community College) honor society Vice President of Phi Theta Kappa, student government member, and is a licensed nursing technician (CNA) at age 18. She is hopeful to get into the CNM/UNM BSN (Bachelor of Science Nursing) program fall of 2020 and end her nursing education with a DNP (Doctorate of Nursing Practice) as a NICU and pediatric nurse anesthesiologist. 

Myra Villalobos

Statistics continue to show that women are underrepresented in leadership positions across the design, engineering, and construction fields. Since diversity is profitable, more industries are working hard to appeal to women, and more women are graduating with degrees in non-traditional careers every year. Yet the proportion of women in nearly all levels of corporate America hardly changes, especially in industries that are traditionally considered “male jobs.”

Myra Villalobos is an impassioned women’s empowerment advocate that uses her background in Anthropology and Economics research to bring attention to minority experiences in the construction industry. A proud Native New Mexican, Myra is Project Manager with SDV Construction in Albuquerque and is currently writing a book as well as speaking about her experiences as a woman in a male-dominated field. She is documenting her personal and professional journey in the hopes that women can relate and find support through self-esteem and mental health issues, and thrive in industries like construction.  

Garnet Waldrop

We all want to make a difference in our world, but sometimes it seems overwhelming. Can I make an impact all by myself? I’m too young; I’m too busy. I don’t know where to start.

Garnet Waldrop asked these questions as a child at the start of second grade when she witnessed a homeless man one night at the hospital emergency room. After having a talk with her mom about homelessness, she decided she wanted to help. Combining her efforts with those of family and others Garnet put a program in motion to help those in need.

Garnet is an 8th grade Honor Student at ASK Academy who enjoys robotics, science, classical guitar, and Irish dance. Garnet believes that small actions combined can make a massive impact on our society.

Neil Wright

Activating androgyny. How and why can we tap into the ambiguous space between male and female in order to empower the traditionally feminine traits in everyone – without discarding the benefits of traditionally masculine qualities?

Psychology geek, norm transcender, communication interpreter, leadership myth evolver, dog dad, proud husband, writer, entrepreneur: Neil Wright has a master’s in clinical psychology and has worked with individuals, couples, families, and communities for over 10 years. He consults on and writes about compassionate confrontation, rapport building, and interpersonal process management, and he co-owns Temme Meil, a communication consulting company, with his best friend, co-speaker, and wife, Melissa. He loves helping people and systems transcend old norms, cultivate healthier missions, and accomplish nuanced ambitions.

Melissa Wright

Activating androgyny. How and why can we tap into the ambiguous space between male and female in order to empower the traditionally feminine traits in everyone – without discarding the benefits of traditionally masculine qualities?
Language geek, communication enthusiast, metaphor analyst, myth researcher, dog mom, proud wife, writer, entrepreneur: Melissa Wright has a master’s degree in linguistics, and her award-winning research has revolved around discourse and literary patterns; her experience has involved document analysis and communication effectiveness. Mythos: A map to Myths, Metaphors, and Dreams, Melissa’s first book coming out in 2020, is about finding a conversational middle ground through myths and metaphors. She co-owns a communication consulting company, Temme Meil, with her husband, best friend, and co-speaker, Neil.
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