Davina Detrik

Jason Griffin

Davina Detrik Headshot

Davina Detrik, former dentist and founder of The Disruptive Collective is hell-bent on curating a modern industrial revolution: “The invisible lows and visible highs of my first story were never atypical of high-achievers. And that was the problem – I felt impotent in a collective boredom.”

On the rise in her dental career, Davina broke rank, quitting what everyone called the dream-job, to pursue a deeper calling. “I’m living a different story now, a powerful sequel that will break you and remake you stronger.” She coaches high-achievers to leverage their degrees and creativity to incite bold movements that disrupt industries and professions. “There’s stiffness in our culture, obsessed with doing good, being good, appearing good… and it’s terribly misguided.” Instead, she proposes the unthinkable: embracing your darker sides, the parts you hide from to fuel your truest passion. “All high-achievers know the ‘devils’ such as competitiveness, selfishness, and the need to feel special that lurk inside. But they’re ashamed of those qualities and try to play nice. She asks, “What if you could turn that power into rocket fuel, mixing it with creativity and education to disrupt your industry and forever change your life?”