Tickets On Sale Today!

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Tickets On Sale Aug 1

Today is the day!  Tickets for TEDxABQ’s Main Event are on sale at 10 am!

Why purchase the hottest ticket in town?

  1. The stage design – We Are This City is designing the stage, and you will have the chance to help create it on the Plaza from 10 – 1. Max Baptiste has a plan and you can be part of it!
  2. The swag – A variety of companies and artists are creating some special items just for you! Pictures are coming soon!  Who doesn’t love swag?!
  3. The venue – Join us at our new home in the Kiva Auditorium at the Albuquerque Convention Center where there is not a bad seat. You will be able to say, “I remember when….”
  4. The speakers – The afternoon will be filled with 18 of New Mexico’s most inspired and passionate thinkers who will share their stories and ideas.

And the number one reason to purchase the hottest ticket in town to TEDxABQ…

  1. The community – When 2,300 TEDsters get together for a day filled with projects, interactive booths, demonstrations and performances you are guaranteed to have wonderful conversation. It is a day designed to unleash your creativity and let your mind explore new ideas!

Your perspective may change.  A new passion might be ignited.  Nonetheless, you will definitely be in for an afternoon that will serve up some of the best ideas New Mexico has to offer.

Who knows, maybe your idea worth spreading will be born.

Blog written by Cazandra Campos-MacDonald