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Every year, TEDxABQ focuses on local people with ideas that inspire, drive change, and change minds. To further our mission of celebrating New Mexico, we are partnering with a variety of local artists who are helping build a unique and beautiful environment for this year’s event.

The stage design every year is brought to life by the TEDxABQ Artist in Residence (AIR). The AIR is a local artist who creates a custom installation for the event’s stage design. This year’s AIR is Max Baptiste, founder of the local non-profit We Are This City. In keeping with his collaborative, community-based approach to the arts, Max will combine an interactive community art project on Civic Plaza on the morning of the event with artwork created live on the Kiva’s stage!

Another way we are keepin’ it local is by collaborating with artists and small businesses to provide our attendees with unique and locally designed swag. Attendees will have the option of one of the six original products from the artists below. We are excited to provide a sneak peek of this year’s swag choices:

We are so grateful to be working with so many talented artists this year! Join us in celebrating our creative community on September 17th!

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2 Comments on “Local Ideas, Local Artists”

  1. I like all of those choices. I already have my tickets and look forward to the event, but I have one question.

    I don’t understand what is happening from 10-1. What is that introductory session about?

    1. Hi Susan! Thanks for your question. We will be releasing more information about the audience engagement portion of the day (on Civic Plaza from 10 am – 1 pm) very soon. We will have over 30 partners out there with ideas in action. There will be tech demos, community art projects, dance lessons, interactive experiences, all designed to share even more ideas from the community with our audience 🙂

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